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Address of CEO

EDDIO Corporation is the manufacturer specialized for eddy current flaw detection technology, and magnetic leakage flux flaw detection technology established in 1958, which has its origin in the first CEO Tsukasa Hara who was the first person in Japan started to research of NDI applying an eddy current in 1954.

Since EDDIO Corporation was founded, we have been improving our eddy current flaw detection technology, and magnetic leakage flux flaw detection technology with gaining valuable experience and important knowledge by conducting actual flaw inspections at many customer's site. At the same time, we have been putting our efforts into developing and enhancing our flaw detection technique, and creating the machine that easy to use at site, as a leader of all-Japanese made NDI maker which makes it from first winding of sensor by ourselves.

As a result, over 800 of our machines are being used by many kinds of manufacturing company for mainly metal and nonferrous metals, not only in Japan, but also in oversea countries such as South East Asia and East Asia.

Up till now and from now on, we are not only providing the completed flaw detection system which pleases customer, but also all staffs will strive to manufacture the flaw detection system which enables to fulfill customer's satisfaction by having conversations from the perspective of customer, such as selecting flaw detection technique which meets customer’s needs, suggesting specific way to use equipment, carry out engineering work to introducing equipment instead of customer or explaining points to consider for introducing equipment.

Please feel free to ask us for any small thing.

We, EDDIO Corporation, will continue to improve our eddy current flaw detection technology and magnetic leakage flux flaw detection technology with pride as a pure Japanese NDI maker, and for contributing society with making “The society without flaw” come true by meeting demand from customers with putting importance on "Communication" with customers.

CEOKazuomi Tomita

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