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Rotary type Magnetic Leakage Flex Tester

This system is used to detect the flaws on the surface of material which has rough surface such as black steel round bar.
Rotating magnetizing yoke and detecting probe are equipped in it, it performs the detection by making tested material pass through inside.

Rotating head

Newly improved AC probe rotating type magnetic leakage flux testing system is accomplished compact in size, high performance and stability compare to past one. Reduce the burden of maintenance for slip ring by stop using slip ring and achieved to construct it with only contactless rotary transformer as signal transduction of rotating mechanism.
Basically our Magnetic Leakage Flex Tester are manufactured in custom made in order to manufacture most ideal machine, considers variety of elements such as tested material diameter, number of channel, rotation frequency, number of probe by conducting an interview to hear budget, use, designated mechanical functions and so on. Also automatic sizing is available if needed.


Outside diameter(mm) φ10~φ80 φ18~φ120 φ80~φ200
Number of channel 8-30CH
Rotation speed(rpm) Changeable - 1900 Changeable - 1600 Changeable - 1000
Size(mm) W 770 x H 1020 x D 770 W 840 x H 1130 x D 950 W 1000 x H 1310 x D 1200
Weight(kg) 800 1200 1900
  • Excitation yoke

    Excitation yoke for magnetizing the test material, is made to have high efficiency and superius performance by utilizing our experience. It is assembled by a hand in our company We succeed to design and produce the probe with improved trackability for tested material and excitation power efficiency by reducing size and weight.

  • Detecting probe:

    Probe which equipped in rotating head is winded, and carefully and finely adjusted by hands of skilled staff. Since both of designing and manufacturing of probe are done in our company, we can make custom-made probes applicable to detect various types of materials and flaws according to customer's request. Therefor, please feel free to contact us.

Electronic unit: m-EDX

Saving detection parameter Recordable and replayable detection waveform Excellent simplicity and operability of interface
Phase gate evaluation Built in self-diagnostic system Touch panel is available
W 600 x H 1710 x D 1010
*Weight is subject to be changed, depend on the specification

Example of incorporate system into line

In case of using it for sorting defected material from material supply.
Example of the line which has sorting for non-defected/ defected material by material supply - detection - detection result.

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