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Privacy policy

About handling of private information


We recognize importance of personal information protection and think that social responsibility to use properly and protect it, and we promise to make efforts protection of personal information.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is the information regarding individual and enable identification of specific individual, such as full name, date of birth, gender, phone number, e-mail address, occupation, place of employment and so on.

Collection & Utilization of Personal Information

We collect and utilize personal information for following purpose and within the range.

Our collection and utilization of personal information is provided voluntary supply from customers and we regard that customers accept our using personal information in accordance with this policy if customer would supply personal information.

  • Necessary duties to deliver our products you ordered
  • Provision of information which is considered useful and necessary for customers, such as new products information
  • Inquiries and confirmation from us which are needed on job performance and opinion collection to improve our services
  • Response for various inquiries

About Analysis of Access Information

We use “Google Analytics” for analyzing the use situation of the website and utilize the convenience of the customer and the contents. Google Analytics is the access analysis tool that allows you to use cookies to analyze site visitor access information, Google’s user data (age group, gender, interests and interests etc.).

The method of collecting and using access information is determined by theGoogle Analytics Terms of ServiceandGoogle’s Privacy Policy.We also use the Google Analytics advertising feature to retrieve the data from “Google Analytics users and interest category reports”.

In our company, advertisements delivered by third parties such as Google, Yahoo! JAPAN, may be posted, related to this, third party may obtain and use cookie and other information of users who visited our company website.

Cookie and other information which obtained by the third party is handled according to privacy policy of the third party.

These functions allow you to access the opt-out page provided on the third party's website to stop using cookie information for distributing advertisement by third party.

About Cookie

Cookie is the data file stored on a user’s computer for a web server to track the information such as user’s browsing history and input information. When the user returns to the same page, the page content may be changed by the site administrator according to the information obtained through the cookie. Website can receive cookies from users’ browsers as long as cookies are enabled in browser settings. As for protecting privacy, browser only sends a cookie that it previously sends and receives with the server of a specific site.

Users can choose settings of cookie from “Allow all cookies,” “Block all cookies” or “Choose block or allow cookies for each site.” Each browser has different way to setting option. Please refer to the help menu of your browser for guidance on cookie settings. Please be aware that if you select the option to block all cookies, there may be restriction to receive needed services on the Internet such as the website which requires identity verification does not work.

Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

We do not disclose & provide personal information to a third party without your consent in advance except in case of proper reason such as based on laws.

Management of Personal Information

We set up chief privacy officer of personal information to prevent leakage, loss and defamation of personal information, make efforts sufficient safety protection, and manage your personal information adequately to maintain correctly and up to date.

Inquiry or Revise or Delete of Information Content

We respond promptly within reasonable range upon performing individual identification if you would like to inquire or revise or delete personal information which is provided us.

About Opinion, Complaint and Objection Regarding Privacy

Please contact us firstly through "Contact us" if you think we do not keep this policy on this website. We make efforts to execute proper processing after content confirmation.

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