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Rotary type Eddy Current Tester

This is a testing system for surface inspection at the final stage of production of steel or nonferrous metals.
Tested material pass through rotating head, rotating probe will detect flaws.
This system is appropriate for detecting longitudinal flaw.

Rotating head

Rotating head part is a main part for detecting flaw, experienced staffs in our company assemble it and adjust it by their hands.Therefore it has stable performance for long period of time
It covers from minimum 2mm to maximum 70mm* diameter materials.
Rotating speed is maximum 12,000 rpm.
We have many kinds of rotating heads, in order to detect various types of materials, and fit different kinds of lines.
*Please feel free to contact us, in case if you need to carry out detection for bigger tested material.


Outside diameter φ (2)4-25* φ 4-35 φ 10-70 φ (2)4-20*
Rotation speed(rpm) 9,000 9,000 6,000 12,000
Number of channel 4CH 4CH 4CH 4CH
Size(mm) W400 x H420 x D410 W500 x H550 x D480 W620 x H700 x D570 W400 x H450 x D410
Weight(kg) 90 160 250 95
*Available to detect minimum φ2 diameter material depend on which type of probe is selected
  • Detecting probe

    Probe which equipped in rotating head is winded, and carefully and finely adjusted by hands of skilled staff.
    Since both of designing and manufacturing of probe are done in our company, we can make custom-made probes applicable to detect various types of materials and flaws according to customer's request.
    Therefor, please feel free to contact us.

Electronic unit: r-EDX

Saving detection parameter Recordable and replayable detection waveform Excellent simplicity and operability of interface
Possible to be used with encircling eddy current tester Built in AGC function Phase gate evaluation
Built in self-diagnostic system Touch panel is available
W 600 x H 1710 x D 1010
About 300*
*Weight is subject to be changed, depend on the specification

Example of incorporate system into line

The case of Coil to coil line (install Rotational type together with encircling type ECT)

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