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Others/ Special use

General purpose

Eddy Current Electronic Unit: e-nFD

Low-end type eddy current tester which has automatic flaw detection function

Eddy current tester for general purpose which compatible with all detection coils and probes. Easily operate with simple interface. Space of installation can be minimized, since downsizing Enable to ensure the quality inexpensively, by equipped only minimum necessary functions

Adaptable probe coil and encircling coil Adaptable automatic inspection of specified length material & endless material
Equipped automatic inspection function (outputting to recorder, automatic detection control and marking delay) Number of channel: 1CH
W 530 x H 188 x D 420

Others/ Special use

Our flaw detection technique we have, enable us to produce detection equipment that can detect material which is in various kind of forms or adopt to many other uses.
Below lines are a part of special use systems that we can produce.

Rail Flaw Detection System

Material Railroad rail (Manufacturing stage)
Product It is eddy current tester specialized for rail flaw detection. This equipment can detect various kinds of surface flaws without getting influence of flaw type and flaw direction, by combining rotating disc type and stationary probe type. Also automatic sizing function is available, and it can reduce the time to exchanging the rail size.

Rail Joint Detector

Material Railroad rail (Existing)
Product It can be equipped on synthesis inspection car for maintain railroad rail, and detect the joint of rails, and support to insure the safety of railway transportation by collaborating with other testing equipment.

Insert type Eddy Current Tester

Material Pipe for heat exchanger, It can detect the flaw inside of inner surface of pipe shaped material.
Product It is eddy current tester that can detect the flaw on inner surface, by insert it into pipe shaped material.
It is used for maintenance work or inspection of plumbing of heat exchanger in the power plant.
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