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About "Non-destructive inspection"


What is Non Destructive Inspection?

Have you ever heard the word “Non-Destructive Inspection?” Non-Destructive Inspection is the technique to know the flaw, characteristic, condition, inner structure of object without damaging or destroying it.

There are examples often used to explain Non-Destructive Inspection such as “Knowing the inner condition by knocking the water melon” “Confirming if there is no looseness on bolt by knocking it with hammer at the inspection of rail road vehicle”. As for the present day, security check like ”checking whether if passenger has an iron made thing at the airport”, or “Antitheft sensor” at the gate of shopping mall, would be good examples.

Non-Destructive Inspection is widely used in modern society, by taking advantage of features that able to inspect object without damaging it or destroying it. It is used for securing the method of transportation that everyone uses, such as train, airplane, and bus. Also, it is often used for confirming soundness of object which does not able to be inspected by detaching, such as road bridge, inside of tunnel, or the construction such as tower building. Therefore, it is not too much to say that it’s supporting invisible safety of society.

Non-Destructive Inspection is used for shipping inspection for material made by a metal, nonferrous metal, product, an industrial product, or parts. The technique that automatically inspect the objects made by mass production, year-round without resting instead of people, is being advanced significantly. Role of EDDIO is to supplying the material, parts, product without flaw to the society by providing the machine that fully utilize “Eddy Current Flaw Detection” and “Magnetic Leakage Flux Flaw Detection” technologies EDDIO have.

Non-Destructive Inspection is necessary for quality assurance as a method of shipping inspection, and it is very effective method for improving reliability of material, parts, and product. Also it is effective for reducing the first cost and improving production efficiency, since it enables to improve production/ manufacturing technology, and reducing defect rate by utilizing the result of Non-Destructive Inspection. We, EDDIO are providing the equipment and technology which perform that Non-Destructive Inspection to customers.

What is NDI

NDI is from 3 capital letter of Non-Destructive Inspection.Also, sometimes “NDT” as “Non-Destructive Testing” is used instead of it.

“Inspection” sounds more “official”. Therefore, the word “Testing” is used depend on the situation of inspection at the production process.

Method of Non-Destructive Inspection

There are two methods in Non-Destructive Inspection, one is inspecting surface of the object, another is inspecting inside of the object

Surface VT: Visual Testing
ECT: Eddy Current Testing
MLFT:Magnetic Leakage Flux Testing
PT: Penetrant Testing
MT: Magnetic Particle Testing
Inside UT: Ultrasonic Testing
RT: Radiographic Testing

EDDIO provides technology, and knowledge as a maker specialized in ECT: Eddy Current Testing and MLFT:Magnetic Leakage Flux Testing.

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