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EDDIO Corporation

History of EDDIO

1954 Started on research of non-destructive inspection applying eddy current
1957 Developed the first unit FE model and started sales
1958 EDDIO Corporation established (CEO: Tsukasa Hara)
1962 Completed size meter for measurement of construction and bend of rectangular wire
1963 Eddy current tester: Developed and started to sell universal CQ type
  • This model can measure not only cracked flaw, depth, hardness and quenching depth, but also metal purity measurement and screening inspection of different material.
1963 Made MITSUI & CO.,LTD. as agency according to expanding sales channel
1965 Moved head office factory to Nakamaru-cho, Itabashi-ku
1969 Hara, the first CEO passed away, Itsuro Shirai became CEO
1977 Moved head office factory to Sakuragawa, Itabashi-ku
1979 Developed Rotational type eddy current tester
  • Supplied first unit to Daido Steel Co.,Ltd.
1980 Serialized rotational type eddy current tester
1981 Developed hot slab flaw detection technique
  • Supplied to Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Wakayama Works (At that time)
  • Supplied to NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION (At that time)
1983 Hot slab flaw detection system
  • Supplied to Kawasaki Steel Corporation Mizushima Works (At that time)
1985 Developed rotational type magnetic leakage flux tester
  • Supplied first unit to Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd.
1985 Won excellent research & development award by research and development project
  • development of non-destructive inspection system by eddy current flaw inspection method of hot steel from incorporated foundation [Res. Development Shape Industry Cultivating Center]
1986 Serialized rotational type magnetic leakage flux tester
1987 Developed high speed (12,000 rps) rotary type of eddy current test equipment
  • Supplied first unit to Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd.
1988 Development Shape Industry Cultivating Center (VEC), start a development project
  • Target project [seam defect detector for cold & hot steel by rotary magnetic field eddy current method.
1988 Won the 1988 prize of science and technology agency’s director (Persons with distinguished achievements of advancement of science and technology: Itsurou Shirai)
  • Achievement: Development and cultivation of surface flaw detector for hot steel.
1992 Became subsidiary of Krautkramer Japan Co., Ltd. (CEO: Yoji Kobayashi)
1994 Developed new rotary method digital flaw inspection equipment (D-μ) and started sale
1996 Developed low price flaw inspection equipment (D-CURRENT) and started to sale
1998 Developed new encircling type digital flaw inspection equipment (EDW) and started sale.
2003 Moved head office factory to Bijyogihigashi, Toda City, Saitama Pref. (Present place)
2004 Developed multichannel ECT “Array ECT” m-EDW corresponded all direction flaws
2007 50 years anniversary of establishment
2009 Achieved total shipment of 200 systems for encircling eddy current testing equipment
2010 Developed, serialized, and started to sale new digital flaw detector (EDX)
  • EDX series: s-EDX, r-EDX, rs-EDX, m-EDX
2012 Developed and started to sale low-end digital eddy current tester (e-nFD)
2013 Achieved total shipment of 300 systems for rotary type eddy current testing equipment
2015 Achieved total shipment of 50 systems for magnetic leakage flux tester
2019 CEO: Kazuomi Tomita
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