EDDIOEDDIOPOWER to capture all flaws
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Eddy Current Tester for Roll Surface

This system is used to detect the flaws on the surface of rolls synchronizing the movement of grinder by sensors for detecting surface flaw mounted on roll grinder which customer uses.

Machine part, Sensor part

Eddy current tester for roll surface is made as the most appropriate system in full-order-made utilize our long experience, knowledges and techniques by hearing the needs of customer. If maintenance is performed by Eddy Current Tester for Roll, it never miss even small flaws, span of roll, can improve productivity, life and also prevent accidents. Even if you have never introduced this kind of machine, we will ask and hear from beginning , so please feel free to ask us anything.

Electronic unit: m-EDX

*If number of channel is 1 channel, model will be s-EDX
Managing roll flaw Saving detection parameter Recordable and replayable detection waveform
Excellent simplicity and operability of interface Phase gate evaluation Built in self-diagnostic system
Touch panel is available
W 600 x H 1710 x D 1010
*Weight varies by specification
About 330*
*Weight is subject to be changed, depend on the specification

Example of incorporate system into line

In case of install it on the top of grinder